Clarity for the mind, body, spirit.

 Clarté Massage 

Clarity is in the details. 

                        The details make the difference.

Experience a boutique style massage studio providing personalized service with attention to detail. 

Unwind from the worries of the day. Refresh your Mind, Rejuvenate your Body, and Revitalize your Spirit with a Massage at Clarté.


At Clarté Massage, you'll feel more relaxed the minute you walk in the door.  Appointments are scheduled to allow you time to enjoy a few more moments for yourself after your treatment. You'll head back to your day feeling renewed and refreshed.

Massage has many benefits, both physical and emotional.  It is a valuable addition to any wellness or preventive program.  Benefits of massage include:

*  Stress and Anxiety Reduction

*  Increased Oxygen and Blood flow encouraging the Release of Toxins

*  Pliability of the Ligaments and Tendons

*  Reduction of Pain and Inflammation

*  Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

*  Promotion of Overall Health and Well-Being

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